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Woodhouse Corner VA Locksmith Store Woodhouse Corner, VA 757-384-0490Technology and innovation are today touching almost every aspect of our lives, and bringing about a huge transformation. Under this wave of change, things that we used traditionally have undergone a paradigm shift. Locks and keys have not been untouched by this revolution, and the traditional metallic locks of yesterday are slowly being replaced with high security locks and keys. Although one straight reason for their popularity is the fact that they are a new concept, there are various other reasons behind using high security keys .

Replication resistance – This is a fact not many people in the world know today. High security keys enabling access to the modern day security systems cannot be replicated or copied. This makes these keys and the connected security systems resistant from most known burglaries.

Loongetivity – Traditional keys used to be roughly crafted using metal into a rough size, so as to fit keyholes of a particular size. With prolonged usage, the metal scraps off and the key becomes deformed. High security keys are however designed to in such a way, that there is no bending or deformation, even after years of usage. This helps them overcome the finite life characteristics of normal keys.

Technologically advanced  – The basic premise of a few such keys is that they operate electronically, and hence can last years of changing trends of security.

The gap in acceptance of high security keys

Although high security keys and other technological innovations in the field of physical security are becoming increasingly popular today, there doesn’t seem to be a proportional interest from customers. Due to the innately complex design and working of such keys, customers tend to be oblivious about their use and still trust the age old metallic keys.

Another reason why perhaps these high security keys haven’t quite caught on is the fact that they are mildly expensive. Possibly since the technology was initially new, not many locksmith service providers would wilfully invest in buying and trading these, and so a dismal response in customers. However , Woodhouse Corner VA Locksmith Store , a renowned name in locksmith services in area always had the foresight about them, and have today developed a cost effective selling model for their customers.

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Getting hold of a high security key and upgrading to an advanced security system in Woodhouse Corner isn’t tough today, with affordable solutions from Woodhouse Corner VA Locksmith Store.Call 757-384-0490 today , to experience the transformation!